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FREE DELIVERY - UK Orders £30+ / Europe £50+ Worldwide orders please email for shipping quote
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Treat Yourself To Some Of The Best Loose Leaf Teas Available

With the cold weather in the lead up to Christmas, you may be feeling those winter chills, it might be time to sit back and enjoy a hot drink. If you’re searching for the best teas available, our selection of loose leaf teas are just what you have been looking for. 

Featuring everything from delicious healthy green teas to flavourful fruit infusions, we have a huge variety of teas for you to try and enjoy over this festive season. With over 200 of the finest quality loose leaf teas for you to choose from, you may discover your new favourite tea.

Whether you want to visit our online store or visit our store in Liverpool, you’ll be greeted by a huge selection of teas sourced from locations around the world. Carefully grown and prepared for you, your taste buds will love the amazing loose leaf teas we have available.

Why drink loose leaf tea over conventional teabags?

If you’re passionate about drinking tea, you want to experience the best that quality tea has to offer. A regular teabag is limited by the small amount of leaves that you can fit into, meaning that you won’t get a very flavourful cup of tea.

Loose leaf teas deliver a better tea experience without the dust and broken tea leaves that you get in a teabag. With the loose leaf tea leaves having more space to infuse than the tight confines of a tea bag, you can get a superior flavour in every cup of tea.

Enjoy some of the best tea available when you shop with the Liverpool Tea Warehouse.