FREE DELIVERY - UK Orders £30+ / Europe £50+ Worldwide orders please email for shipping quote
FREE DELIVERY - UK Orders £30+ / Europe £50+ Worldwide orders please email for shipping quote
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Three Reasons To Choose Us As Your Speciality Tea Suppliers

We’re often told about the benefits of different types of tea. One person will claim their blend of tea is the healthy kick they need while someone else will profess their love for another.

It can be hard to decipher through the various types of teas but, with Liverpool Tea Warehouse as your speciality tea suppliers, you can discover the true array of flavours available to you.

Our online collection of speciality teas is complemented by our Baltic Triangle store which is home to over 200 different varieties and types of tea for you to explore.

Why choose us as your speciality tea suppliers in the UK?

  • Worldwide sources: We are proud to source all our speciality teas from around the world. This helps us support global tea workers and ensures that we get quality products to our customers. We get our exclusive speciality teas from countries as varied as India, Kenya, Brazil, Vietnam and South Africa.
  • Free UK delivery over £30: As your speciality teas supplier, we want to offer you an incentive to choose us. Your order with us will come with free delivery if you spend over £30. Make an investment in your favourite loose-leaf variety and try something new.
  • Loose-leaf quality: Our team here at Liverpool Tea Warehouse are passionate about the difference that loose-leaf styles can make. You will find an extensive range to sample and choose from.

To discover more about our work at Liverpool Tea Warehouse, get in contact with us today.